Sunol Glen Unified School District



Annual Data Confirmation (Registration): K-8th Grade parents will log in above to their Parent Portal Account and confirm (or make changes to) their student's data before the start of each new school year. Data Confirmation Window will be:

2/11/21 thru 5/28/21

Grade Checks & Updates: During the rest of the school year, all Parents (and Middle School Students) are expected to sign in to their Portal account, where they may review grades, assignments, absences and other data for their students.

Parent Portal Log-In Issue (help ticket)


NEW STUDENTS (Never Attended Sunol Glen):


Parents will not be able to create a user account on this page unless their student already attends Sunol Glen.

If you already have another student attending Sunol Glen, you will NOT be able to add another student to your account thru this portal UNTIL YOU ENROLL THEM.

Any new SGUSD student MUST go through the new student enrollment process FIRST – all parent portal accounts are automatically created for parents who have completed the required online enrollment process for their new student.

The enrollment process for SGUSD is provided online at the district website, or by contacting the School Secretary & Registrar, Cindy Grant, at